Well, he’s at it again, only this time he’s only pissed off a community. Makes a change from pissing off an entire country. A while back, Trump, for some unknown reason, decided to tweet out about the LGBT community not being allowed to join the army anymore. Perhaps a man in a dress stole his ball and won’t give it back, who knows. And with his usual vacuous flourish he’s now signed an ‘executive order’ about it.

It’s not that he singled out the LGBT community. We should be used to people like him singling out communities by now. It is not even what he said really, that certain people can’t join the army. OK, it’s a total dick move, but it’s your army – if you want to reduce recruitment on the brink of WW3, that’s your call, I guess.

But it’s just so weird. It’s such a random act of oddness. He sent three tweets about this at 2 am, I think. He was just sat there in probably one of the best beds in the world, cos the White House must have fantastic beds, naked, think about Trump naked, everyone do it, do it now, so, he’s naked, thinking about the LGBT community and then the idea came to him.

If he’s against these lovely people joining the army, perhaps he could give a reason? Instead, 250 people probably want to leave the military now as they don’t feel appreciated, to say the fucking least. Subsequently White House officials stated that no changes will be made, so what the fuck was the point in the tweets? No point, as far as I can make out.

He even went after their votes when he was campaigning. Why? Well, so he could be president and then kick them out of the army, but there has to be an actual reason. There always is in the real world and, believe it or not my friends, we are in the real fucking world, and Donald Trump is President of the USA.

If I called my boss and said I wasn’t coming into work, he would expect a reason. If you refused to make someone a coffee whilst working in a coffee shop, they would expect a reason. This is no different. All right, the White House is bigger than most coffee shops, but surely the same rules apply. The only place I can think of in the world where rules like reason don’t apply is the playground. On the playground, there’s no reason why you’d want to kick a ball at a teacher, but you do it because you feel like doing it at that moment. Then you get punished for it cos it was a fucking stupid idea.

So, I guess that’s why so many places around the world call themselves millionaires playgrounds. Millionaires can do whatever they want anyway. Rape, murder, drugs for everyone. So I guess a millionaire who happens to be president can literally do fucking whatever and need not worry about a thing.

If this doesn’t worry you then it should, especially after recent events. I’m not talking about the shit way he has treated the LGBT community, sorry folks, but he does so much that this could never be all about you, I hope you understand. Look at America’s position right now, on the brink of nuclear war with North Korea. Now, I liked Mad Max as much as anyone, but I would much prefer to see the next one at the pictures in a few years rather than fucking live in it.

This is, once again, a power play fit for the playground. Two bullies fighting over something, but you don’t know what because you don’t want to get involved. But you have to be involved; the bullies are on either side of the playground, you have no choice, everyone is involved. Then shit kicks off, and you get punched in the dick just because you feel a little different about a topic than the bullies. Or you were just standing around, drinking wine, smoking a cigarette and then got your beret all twisted. Do you get it? It’s a joke about France standing around not wanting any part of it. It’s a stereotype joke, in an article where no stereotype joke should be. Sorry France.

Trump is treating the world as his own playground, and he has thrown a lot of rocks at a lot of communities and countries in that playground. If shit kicks off who is going to help? Will it be like a scene in a film when the bad guy gets double crossed, and his army scarpers? I doubt it. Everyone will get involved because everyone is fucking scared. You can’t run from nuclear war.

Nor, President Trump, can you run from the LGBT community. You may think that the discussion is over, but it isn’t. They will find you, and they will educate you on why they need to be treated like human fucking beings. It wasn’t long ago that someone was writing a blog post exactly like this about the Civil War in America and they were saying the same about black people. It might not have been a blog, but you get the point.

We were so close to the world being one big, happy community. So fucking close and three tweets fucked it all up. Well, I don’t actually believe we were that close. You see, one of the most troubling things about the tweets was how many likes they got. 127,000, 138,000 and 143,000. What a fucking shame.

Surely it’s time to wake the fuck up and take the nuclear war codes away from the playground bully? It is a shame that a country that could be exceptional elected a president that may actually destroy the world.

I’ll see ya in the wastelands people.

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