What’s the fucking point?

Yes, this website used to be called ‘what’s the fucking point’. I changed it, because the internet is not ready for a website with a terrible combination of letters such as ‘fuck’ in its URL.

Think about that. We’re all grown ups. Most of us are grown ups. Some of us are children. Oh my word we can’t have them seeing the 6th, 21st, 3rd and 11th letters of the alphabet in a row, because they might then, as a direct result, turn into either suicide bombers or people who don’t respect queues.

So I changed it. If the public clamour for it to be returned to its original title I’ll change it back. That won’t happen.

And, for posterity, what comes below is the text I originally put on this page which was once entitled ‘A note on punctuation’.


I’m fully aware that the title of this website would under normal circumstances include a question mark. I’m as much of a pedantic bastard as you are, believe me.

However, there are some questions that aren’t actually questions when you say them out loud, more statements of exasperation. I would argue that “what’s the fucking point” is one of those, or at least it is the way I said it the day before I made this website. It looks better without the question mark and if you don’t like it there are many other websites that do include question marks, so feel free to fuck off to one of those.